• As an organization we have been at the forefront of promoting and popularization of the sport. Until now we have contributed, sanctioned or organized over 450 National Championships, 45 Continental or Intercontinental Events, 20 World Championships, organizers of the Muay Discipline at the SEA Games, organizers of the Muay Discipline at the Asian Indoor Games for 3 editions, Founding Members of the International Martial Arts Games Committee IMGC. Our organization and its members have been involved in several International programs for Youth, Pace through Sport, Reducing of Youth Delinquency through Sport RYDTD programs and Fresh Start for Impoverish Children. We have also actively participated in National and International Programs for “An Active Society, a Healthier Society”, “Active Minds, Active Spirits and Active Bodies” During the past 20 years we achieved few milestones in the history of Muay Sport:

1. First World Championship Organized in 1996, Bangkok – Thailand.

2. 5TH edition of World Championship, 2001 Bangkok – Thailand, had brought together 41 countries.

3. Official recognition and endorsement by NOC Thailand, 2004.

4. 1ST edition of Asian Indoor Games, 2005 Phuket – Thailand, we organized the Muay Discipline.

5. 23RD edition of the Sea Games, 2005 Philippines.

6. Organizers of the 1ST edition of the European Muay Championship, 2007 Portugal.

7. World Championship, 2012 Bangkok – Thailand, brings together a record of 79 countries.

8. Second official endorsement and recognition by Ministry of Sport, Thailand 2012.

9. Sea Games, Myanmar 2013, permanent introduction of the Muay discipline in the games.

10. World Championship, 2014 Pattaya – Thailand, brings together a record of 1.400 athletes.

11. World Championship, 2015 Bangkok – Thailand, hosted and organized at the legendary LUMPINEE STADIUM for the first time.