World Muay Federation• In 1995 the World Muaythai Federation W.M.F. was founded by the joining of the two organizations which had previously administered International Amateur Muaythai. The new organization was presided over by General Chaisit Shinawatra and had its Head Office at Bangkok’s National Stadium sports complex.

• The World Muaythai Federation had been tasked with preserving, developing and promoting REAL Muaythai at all levels from Amateur to ProAm.

• It has thus been instrumental in the growth of international interest in the sport and the martial art to the point that as of August 2012 the Federation had over 70 full member countries and 26 associated members. All of this had been made possible by love and dedication of the members, the sports practitioners, athletes, coaches supporters and the leaders which previously have put their visions and long terms goals for the sport into practice.

What is Muaythai มวยไทย art today?

• Muaythai art – the name of this traditional martial art comes from Thai Language: “มวยไทย“(m-wa-i tha-i) and pronounces as [mūɛj tʰāj].

• Muaythai is a combat sport based on the muay traditional martial arts of Thailand that takes place on the ring when 2 fighters stand-up striking along and use various clinching techniques.

• This kind of sport has 2 components: mental and physical. Muaythai boxing art became popular from 1500ths years but mostly in Thailand and neighboring countries, but in the 20th century it gave a lot of popularity and from 1980th before today were opened many Muaythai gyms in US, Canada, Europe, South Americe and other countries.

• If we consider what is Muaythai art today, need to reference World Professional Muaythai Federation which still holds the original mandate from the Thai Goverment and Sport Ministry and also the recognition by the National Olympic Committee. A professional league is managing by the World Muaythai Federation PRO.

Muaythai rules.

• Muaythai sport rules are fully based on it’s martial art which originally calls “Muay” (not to be confused with “Muaythai”).

• From 1929 it is necessary to use on the ring the boxing gloves. And according to new rules of Muaythai were permitted grabs and throws, header and some more innovations which allowed to join this sport to some kind official. In 1977 in Europe was famous fight between Muaythai boxers and fighters of Kick Boxing, and despite the fact that used rules were different than Muaythai, Thai team won and made it popular in Western Countries.

Muaythai grading.

• International amateur Muaythai Federation use color classification for pratiats accordingly and mongkonas accordingly to the fighter’s level. But in some Western countries this practise is not main because of existing of official sports titles.