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Award Ceremony 3rdPan American Muay Championship

3rd Pan American Muay Championship by #PAMC and #WMF #PanAmericanMuayConfederation #FairPlay #MuaySport#ProfessionalMuaythai #IamWMF ... (Read more)

Referee and Judge #3rd Pan American Muay Championship

3rd PanAmerican Muay Championship #JudgeReferee World Muay FederationWorld Muaythai Federation Pan-American Muay Confederation A great start, over 40 bouts on the first day ... (Read more)

EB Meeting of the #Pan American Muay Confederation

Successful and productive EB Meeting of the #PanAmerican Muay Confederation the #PAMC. Exciting developments and announcements coming soon. Congratulations to the President of PAMC Mariano Artur and General Sec... (Read more)

Official Draw and Byes

Medical, WeighIn, Draws and Byes at the #3rdPanAmericanMuayChampionship. It will be an amazing Competition. @PanAmericanMuayConfederation @WMF #WorldMuayConfederation ... (Read more)

#Pan American Muay Championship 2017 Colombia

Just arrived in Florencia-Colombia for the #PanAmerican Muay Championship, meeting with the General Secretary of #PAMC Muay Thai Arizmendi and his wife. Will keep you all posted with news and developments throu... (Read more)

3rd PanAmerican Muay Championship 2017

#PanAmerican #IamMuay #FairPlay ... (Read more)

Why it must be Muay Championship stats History of W.M.F.

In 1995, the World Muay Federation W.M.F. was founded with the historical merger of two organizations which had previously administered International Amateur Muay. The new organization had been entrusted with the preservation...


The word MUAY derives from the Sanskrit "MAVYA" which roughly translated means "to bind together" or "to make things united". Muay is referred to as the "Art of Eight Limbs" or the "Science of Eight Limbs" because it makes use...


As an organization we have been at the forefront of promoting and popularization of the sport. Until now we have contributed, sanctioned or organized over 450 National Championships, 45 Continental or Intercontinental...


"With a rich heritage and the place few Martial Arts were born, SE Asia had brought to the world one of the finest, most exquisite, popular and effective Martial Art. Muay has existed for more than a thousand years under different names, some of the earliest being recorded in Thailand as Muay, yet its historic and cultural implications are as important today as they were when it first began.

Even to date, the sport of Muay and the events around it continues to instill much pride and honor in the people in Asia and more popularly and well known the Thai population."


"On behalf of World Muay Federation (W.M.F.), I congratulate you all for the work and support you have continuously shown to our programs, aims and developments. I've observed always good spirits and great conduct among our members and athletes.

All our athletes have always shown good sportsmanship and have been at the top of their game. As a sport, Muay requires focus, concentration and determination from its practitioners and followers, only through this qualities, they excel individually and for the country they represent."


Saysamone Sayasone. Vice President at World Muay Federation - President Muay Lao Association.

We would like to take this opportunity and congratulate you for your work and achievements in the past few years in the field of Muay in Laos and abroad as well in Asia and SE Asia.

Since you have been dedicated to the sport of Muay and the betterment of all its practitioners through your work with the local organizations in Laos and also their counterparts all over Asia, we feel that we are sharing the same goal here at the World Muay Federation - W.M.F.

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