National Championship WMF Argentina

WMF- Argentina  took the initiative in preserving, promoting and extending the practice of Muay Sport in their territory, through the use of programs and projects for the development of  gyms and  the practitioners of Muay Sport. Continuing the work of integration with the countries that form the PA.MC (Pan American Muay  Confederation)  without borders.
 They will initiate a Competition Circuit, promoting workshops and training to provide assistance and support in all fields, from technical and methodological topics of training to enhance the performance of athletes.

 WMF-Argentina launches a clear continuous circuit of amateur competition called “Nak Muay Amateur Muay  Series”, a tournament where the athletes can develop their skills, summoning academies, schools and competitors of the country with the aim of providing a Competition of national quality, in search of the growth and projection of all the athletes at local and international level.

Starting the 1st date of the National Amateur Championship in Argentina, in the City of Lanús, Buenos Aires on 9 July 2017 in the Social and Sports Club Harmony of the city.

WMF Argentina will begin with the national ranking, selecting the best athletes to represent WMF Argentina in the 3rd Pan American Muay Championship 2017 Colombia. 

WMF Peru

WMF News:
Introducing to all the new member of WMF from Peru,  Mr. Guillermo Cóndor .
We want to welcome him and wish him the greatest of success in developing and growing the Sport in Peru.

Mr. Guillermo Cóndor started the preparation of the athletes for the up coming event the Pan American Muay Championship 2017 – Colombia. 

WMF Colombia TRFC Muay Event

WMF Colombia presents the regional tournament VI.

The event it is going to take place in VILLAVICENCIO META on 17 June 2017, the official weight in is going to be on 16 June 2017 at 16:00.

The main fight of the event: RODRIGO SUÁREZ

This is the selection of the fighters for the Pan American Muay Championship 2017.






Intercontinental ProAm Muay Championship by W.M.F. India

To be held in Banglore, India from January 16th – 22nd, 2018.

The W.M.F. India has officially announced that they will be hosting and organizing an Intercontinental ProAm Championship. After more than 6 months of planning and coordination with the local Sports Authorities in India and local government offices they have officially set the dates in a joint Press Conference held at the beginning of May 2017. There will be 8 weight categories which will dispute 8 ProAm titles, five male and 3 female divisions. Thanks for the efforts and dedication of the WMF India Team, and we are looking forward for a great event. Further details will be announced soon, including schedules and programs.

National Championship Colombia by W.M.F. Colombia

To be held in Morelia, Colombia from May 23rd , 2017.

The W.M.F. Colombia is proud to announce the 1st Edition of National Muay Championship for ProAm and Amateur, which will be held in the city of Morelia, Colombia on May 23, 2014. The Championship and related events, will take place at the “Parque Principal Morelia” located in Morelia. This constitutes a premier in Colombia, with over 10 National ProAm titles, and 5 regional Titles in play for the participants. At the same time, the organizers have announced the selection of the National Team for the 3rd Edition of the PanAmerican Muay Championship, the most exclusive, prestigious and demanding event for Amateur/ProAm Muay Sport in all of the Americas. W.M.F. Colombia have also announced that they are well on the way to finalize the agreement with the local sports authorities in Colombia for the support, promotion and expansion of the Sport of Muay all around the country.