World Muay Federation W.M.F.

World Muay Federation W.M.F.To be held in Morelia, Colombia from May 23rd , 2017.

The W.M.F. Colombia is proud to announce the 1st Edition of National Muay Championship for ProAm and Amateur, which will be held in the city of Morelia, Colombia on May 23, 2014. The Championship and related events, will take place at the “Parque Principal Morelia” located in Morelia. This constitutes a premier in Colombia, with over 10 National ProAm titles, and 5 regional Titles in play for the participants. At the same time, the organizers have announced the selection of the National Team for the 3rd Edition of the PanAmerican Muay Championship, the most exclusive, prestigious and demanding event for Amateur/ProAm Muay Sport in all of the Americas. W.M.F. Colombia have also announced that they are well on the way to finalize the agreement with the local sports authorities in Colombia for the support, promotion and expansion of the Sport of Muay all around the country.