Dr. Walid Kassas – Vice President of World Muay Federation

It is with great honor that I accept the appointment as the Vice President of the W.M.F. Thank you all for your support of my nomination for the position.

I have started training Martial Arts since I was 11 and have had the privilege to have studied and practice many fighting styles and techniques. Later on I have competed both on tatami and in the ring in different disciplines and styles which gave me the chance to be graded in several different Martial arts currently holding 10th Degree Black Belt in the Kick Boxing Sports, and other degree in many different Martial Arts Styles, Karate & Kyokishinkai ; Silat Seni Gayoung; Self Defense, etc. which led me to create and expand the Arabic Fighting Sports Style called Kowat Alrami for which I serve currently as a President.

With many similarities as a sport, with myself a dedicated athlete and teacher, I have always seen the need for more collaborations and implementation of different styles in the Arab world, more specifically the Muay Sport and the Muay Martial Art.

This have lead for the past few years to collaborations with the W.M.F. in both sports methodologies and science, also development and integration of the Martial Arts in different schools around the Middle East region.

This appointment as the VP of the W.M.F. will only strengthen my resolve to help further promote the goals of the W.M.F., offer support for popularization of the sport in the Arab World and to support the creation of the Arab League for the Sport of Muay.
Looking forward to be working with all of you.

Dr. Walid Kassas
Vice President of W.M.F.
World Muay Federation (W.M.F.)