Kyriakos Christofi – Vice President of World Muay Federation

First of all, I would like to start my message by expressing my appreciation to all of you for your warm support for our organization and myself.

I hope all of you are doing fine and that you are as excited as I am. Tournaments, camps, and seminars are actively being held across the world, and the news reports you send to W.M.F. Headquarters make me very happy and even more determined to continue the work we have all started here at the W.M.F. Thank you very much for your constant efforts.

The dream stage for all ages of Muay and Muaythai students was always filled with strong excitement and passion, that is why we want to strongly encourage all members, clubs and coaches to further pay attention to the young, they are indeed our future and the future of this sport. Do not forget, not only the competitors, but also their comrades in training, and family members play a large role in building up the atmosphere and interest in the sport wherever they are, the gyms, the event and in the ring. This coming together of everyone through Muay, further demonstrates the strong power of this special gift we have, and this has always made me happy. I would like to once again express my deep appreciation to everyone who supported it us, our events and our athletes.

As a former athlete myself, a coach and a mentor, a teacher and a student at the same time, I understand the need and the demands which are coming with such a responsibility, being an elected Vice President of the W.M.F., and I hope that as I have done in the past I will also do in the future, work hard to protect our athletes, proudly represent our organization and continuously lobby for W.M.F.
I would like to conclude my message by asking for your deep understanding and cooperation to the further promotion of the Muay Sport, the Martial Art and the Professional Muaythai.

Yours sincerely,

MR. Kyriakos Christofy
Vice President of W.M.F.
World Muay Federation (W.M.F.)