Saysamone Sayasone – President of World Muay Federation

I have been involved with the Muay Martial Arts since very young age, I have practice, learned and fought in the ring as an Athlete, later on I have taught, developed and build the sport in Laos only to find myself getting more involved internationally with this Martial Arts. I have had the honor to organize the first Muay Games in Vientiane – Laos during the SEA Games also during the FISU Games. After being elected to the Chair of the South East Asia Muay Federation – SE.A.M.F. and further developing and integrating the Muay as a discipline in many regional events, I have had the pleasure of being elected as the President of the Asian Muay Federation – A.M.F. where I have served for a full term from 2012 till 2016.

Now, it is with joy that I want to thank all of you here at the W.M.F. for the trust you have placed in me when you have elected me to the highest seat in this organization, President of the W.M.F. I am humbly accepting the challenge and the duties I now have to this office, the members of the W.M.F. the hard working athletes and their teams and most of all to the Sport and its heritage.

I am proud to of being part of this dedicated team at the W.M.F. which have devoted their time and energy to further this amazing sport and the Martial Art of Muay, and I vow to continue the work diligently, to give a voice and chance to all practitioners, to represent this organization with dignity and respect.

There is much work to be done ahead but and much more to be achieved, and I hope together we will do that.
With Respect,

MR. Saysamone Sayasone
World Muay Federation (W.M.F.)