In 1995 the World Muay Federation W.M.F. was founded by the joining of the two organizations which had previously administered International Amateur Muay. The new organization was presided over by General Chaisit Shinawatra and had its Head Office at Bangkok’s National Stadium sports complex.

The World Muay Federation is charged with preserving, developing and promoting REAL Muay. It has thus been instrumental in the growth of international interest in Muay to the point that as of August 2012 the Federation has over 70 member countries under the current President Lt. Gen. Akachai Chantosa unanimously elected as the successor of General Chaisit Shinawatra at the World Muay Congress held in 2012.

Even though W.M.F. is recognize internationally as the leading representative of Muay as a sport and discipline a new course will be set in further development and promotion of Muay on the international stage and aiming to have Muay accepted as an Olympic Sport.

Board of Structure




Gabriela Murg – Executive Vice President of Legal and International Affairs W.M.F

President of European Muay Confederation
Chairwoman of EMC PRO
International Executive Member of AFSO


Mr. Antonio Krauss – General Secretary of W.M.F.


Mr. Artur Mariano  – Vice President W.M.F.