Antonio Krauss – General Secretary of World Muay Federation

On behalf of World Muay Federation (W.M.F.), I congratulate you all for the work and support you have continuously shown to our programs, aims and developments.

I’ve observed always good spirits and great conduct among our members and athletes. All our athletes have always shown good sportsmanship and have been at the top of their game in all of the W.M.F. events, both Nationally and Internationally.

As a sport, Muay requires focus, concentration and determination from its practitioners, only through this qualities, they excel individually and for the country they represent.

But, Muay is not just a sport. It is more than sport. It’s a Martial Art or martial science how I prefer to see it. Muay is a physical and mental educational system which contains ancient wisdom and philosophy, it is a way of life.

Muay practitioners, boxers and athletes are not only needed to have good sportsmanship and fighting spirit, but also the spirit to uphold justice and truth for themselves and for those who are unable to.
It’s time to renew the Muay spirit in your country, to remove the old and replace with the new. Here, I wish all Muay practitioners, to bravely stand up for sport,justice and the truth.

I wish you all to stand tall and be proud to Be Muay and no longer need to bow to the supremacy of pseudo authority.

Please do enjoy your game and through Muay, let’s make friends and all be better.
Sports Salute to all,

Antonio Krauss
General Secretary
World Muay Federation (W.M.F.)