Gen. Tunwakom Tippayachan – Executive Vice President of World Muay Federation

I would like to take this opportunity and congratulate all of my colleagues, members and partners of W.M.F. for their work and commitment to the sport and organization. Also, let me express my gratitude for the honor you have all given me during the World Congress 2018 when I had been elected to the seat of Vice President of W.M.F.

Rest assure, my commitment to the sport, the development of the Martial Arts and the expansion of this organization are stronger than ever. I will be dedicating time and energy as the Vice President of W.M.F. to strengthen the relations in Thailand with the relevant authorities, sports bodies and Governmental Departments on behalf of the W.M.F. while I will be also looking forward to offer support to all W.M.F. members worldwide to further their skills, perfect their teaching methods, host their athletes in international events, both in Thailand and abroad.

I currently serve as the President of the W.M.A. in Thailand, and organization under the patronage and recognized by the Thai Ministry of Culture, which will further support the W.M.F. and its members to achieve their potential and implement local and regional knowledge at international level.

Thank you all again, and let’s make the previous successes of this great organization even more known, let’s continue to build on the strong foundation which we have.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Gen. Tunwakom Tippayachan
Vice President of W.M.F.
World Muay Federation (W.M.F.)