Artur Mariano de Souza – Vice President of World Muay Federation

Thank you all, thank you W.M.F. and thanks to all our partners. It had been a privilege to serve as the Vice President of W.M.F. since I was elected in Bangkok 2016 and is a privilege to remain onboard with my colleagues which have been elected this year to the board and the Presidency of W.M.F.

As you all know, W.M.F. from 2015 till 2017 have witness 3 PanAmerican Championships, each one more successful and more spectacular than the others, more members have joined us from the Americas and even more National Events have taken place. This is what we here at W.M.F. are committed to: expansion, fair play, teaching and proper development of the sport all around the globe. Let me say thanks to all our judges/referees and head coach, Kru’s, athletes and supporters for helping and supporting us to make W.M.F. what is today, to make W.M.F. such a success story.

We had a new President and a new board elected at our AGM. Since then, both the President of W.M.F. and the board have been very active, planning and looking to give support to our members at national level. To date the board have had very regular meetings with the emphasis on keeping all our members well informed of our activities, posting regular updates on our official W.M.F. pages and on our official website, while keeping our regional members and associates aware of all the developments, milestones and achievements.

Next couple of years will be very busy for the W.M.F. with increase competitions and events in the calendars, from World Events, to Zone and Regional Events, with TAFISA Martial Arts Games and IMGC Games already in the permanent calendar. All of this, will give us here at the W.M.F. the chance to create more opportunities for training and seminars to all of our members, qualification and grading programs in an international environment. So I am pleased with all of this developments.

On behalf of the W.M.F. Executive Board members President Saysamone Sayasone, Gen. Tunwakom Tippayachan, Gabrielle Murg, Kyriakos Christofi, Antonio Krauss, Dr. Walid Kassas, Carlo Di Blassi, Ohad Kurland and myself we thank you all for the support and trust you have placed into us.

Thanking you,

MR. Artur Mariano
Vice President of W.M.F.
World Muay Federation (W.M.F.)