The WMF has several committees which meet for the exchange and development of ideas all with the aim of promoting Muay art.

One of the WMF’s proudest successes has been the development of Muay for females, countering the traditional view in Thailand that it was a male sport.

Now several organizations promote female boxing and events featuring girls are often televised both inside Thailand and indeed all around the world.

The 2012 Amateur World Championships featured another new initiative with the introduction of Cadet Muay – Muay competition for youngsters, giving them a rare experience of fighting on the big stage.

Worldwide the benefits of sport for individuals and communities is widely understood. The WMF head office and country representatives are proud to work with Governmental, and non-Governmental organizations presenting Muay in any projects or events.

The WMF’s central office is always happy to co-operate with the organizers of these kinds of ventures. Maybe YOU too can get involved!!